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Volunteers Needed!

As we continue to mature into the instrument of evangelization that God intends us to be, we need more help to make that happen. Catholic Radio volunteers can drive people to the airport, answer the telephone during the radiothon, help with contributions, and assess and repair storm-damaged equipment, among many other things. Perhaps you have a gift you'd like to share that we haven't even thought of@ We are reaching out to you, readers and listeners, and appealing for your involvement. If you are inspired to help, e-mail Include your name and telephone number. We would love to welcome you to our adventure!


Remember Life Without Catholic Radio in Oklahoma?

Do you remember when you didn’t have the option of listening to Catholic programming in Oklahoma? Ten years ago a group of far-sighted Catholic laymen and women got together and gathered seed money to purchase two hours of air time a day from Tyler Media Group on KTLR 890 AM in Oklahoma City. We began broadcasting Catholic Answers Live and as time and monies permitted, more airtime was purchased until we had taken over the afternoon airtime from 1:00 pm until sign-off at about sundown. As awareness of our efforts spread, more parishes approached us about getting a radio station in their area. Stations were added in the Lawton/Duncan area and the Prague/Shawnee area. In 2012, we moved our Oklahoma City broadcasts over to KKNG – 97.3 FM and accomplished our goal of being on the air 24/7 on a large FM station. Since then, we have added stations all over the state. Our goal is to have Catholic radio in every corner of the state.

But, without the immediate and ongoing support of our listeners, we may be forced to curtail our broadcast hours.

  Oklahoma Catholic Broadcasting is supported by listeners like you and when it comes to keeping Catholic radio on the air we depend completely upon your donations. Our operating costs include airtime on KKNG, internet service and electricity at all of our locations, tower rental and the purchase and maintenance of the equipment at the stations outside of the OKC metro area. All board members are volunteers – there are no paid employees. Regular monthly donations are needed to keep the “lights on”. If you and your friends who enjoy and learn so much by listening to Oklahoma Catholic Radio could commit to a donation of $25 or $30 per month, it would make a real difference. We need your help to continue our mission of providing quality Catholic programming across Oklahoma. We receive so many positive comments from listeners whose lives have been turned around because of what they have heard on one of our stations. There have been many in the past couple of years who have converted to Catholicism, or returned to the faith, after listening to our programming. With this kind of feedback, how can anyone doubt that Catholic radio makes a difference? Please be generous and donate now! Click HERE to donate online.


Archbishop Paul Coakley on Catholic Answers Live

Cath Answers Coakley


Archbishop Coakley on Catholic Connection

Archbishop Coakley was a guest on Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo on August 12, 2015. Click HERE to hear his comments on the Planned Parenthood videos.


We are deeply grateful to Knights of Columbus Council #11909 of Lawton, led by Grand Knight Steve Rose, for re-roofing the KOEG radio building! Using materials donated by Brother Knight Owen, a group of Knights came out and tore off the old roof and replaced it with felt paper, drip edge and new composite shingles. God bless the Knights!


THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported Oklahoma Catholic Radio at Shroud Encounter on April 18 and 19, 2015 and to St. Joseph parish in Norman and St. John the Baptist parish in Edmond for hosting!  We also want to thank the following: PDC Productions provided equipment, Best Western of Yukon provided overnight accommodations, and Hensley’s Top Shelf Grill in Yukon bought lunch for our presenter. Assistance with setting up and taking down equipment was provided by Joe Grissom, Brad Forshee, Michael Lovegrove and Jun Kim at St. Joseph in Norman, and by students from The Catholic Newman Center at UCO at St. John the Baptist in Edmond. The Knights of Columbus Councils in Norman and Edmond, Larry Roy, Joe Buczkowski, Donna Le, Jim Young and Kathy Fanning made generous donations. We are also grateful to Judy Hunter of St. Joseph in Norman who brought 18 members of the RCIA group to the presentation.